A team of professionals that are passionate about providing independent counsel

La Baume Finance is the fruit of the merger between the teams that became associated under the umbrella of the Club de La Baume in 2012. This stage finalises the structuring of a new independent M&A Advisor, focused on both local and international transactions.

Constantly seeking to build on its sectorial experience, La Baume Finance has also brought together a team of specialist Senior Advisors who will bring their sectorial knowledge, therefore adding value to transactions. 


The team

A group of M&A professionals implementing company strategies defined by their leaders and shareholders.  

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Senior Advisor




Senior Advisor

Our commitment


La Baume Finance’s team undertakes to protect the interests of its clients, with total independence, and to determine the options that best meet their needs so as to implement them.


The team members work in total confidentiality in order to ensure that the process undertaken has no negative incidence on the client’s business, its competitive position or social context


Acting in the best interest of its clients, the team seeks to avoid leading them into a transaction, purely to reach an outcome. The objective being to take the necessary time to accompany them towards a decision, which is in their best interest.


La Baume Finance seeks to avoid any situations, likely to lead to a conflict of interests and to ensure that it fully represents the exclusive interests of its clients in all negotiations with other parties. 

Social commitment

La Baume Finance has advised and supported a project for “Integration through Cohousing” which seeks to develop a network of susidised cohousing accommodation for the handicapped. The objective is to create 100 apartments over the next 10 years, providing housing for 700 permanent occupants, a significant number of spaces for temporary stays and 1000 families.  

See www.insertion-cohabitat.fr