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Piers Lightfoot  PARTNER 

Having spent most of his career advising large global groups, he feels that these groups viewed their smaller non-strategic assets as an issue that they tented to avoid. However he feels that these should be viewed as opportunities at many different levels : Financing "core" growth, freeing up entrepreneurial skills within management for MBOs, reducing debt levels...Piers joined Financière Equitor in 2007, to increase these potential "carve-out" opportunities, as well as other "cross border" opportunities with Anglo-Saxon and Nordic countries. Prior to this, Piers spent 28 years working with Operational Strategy consultancies implementing change in large global groups. He started his career with Alexander Proudfoot, create the French subsidiary of Peter Chadwick, which became Celebrant Consulting and was President of REL Consulting Europe. Piers is one of the founding members La Baume Finance. Piers has a Law degree from the Paris (Assas) Law Faculty, and an AMP at INSEAD in Manufacturing Strategy.

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