Defining a shareholder strategy requires being able

to see further than just the operational imperatives

of your business. 

Step back and look at the big picture….

Our mission 

La Baume Finance works with its clients, both medium sized enterprises or large groups, in France and internationally, to develop true shareholder strategies and assist in their implementation.


Having initially identified a clear course reflecting a strategy adding value for the shareholders, we accompany them in the implementing of this strategy over time. This support during the complex periods in a company’ life cycle, covers issues such as the selling or acquisition of businesses, realignment and financing. 


We have an in depth knowledge of the French industrial and entrepreneurial base and seek to strengthen medium to large enterprises operating both within and outside the country. Our approach includes strategies for internationalisation, often set aside for cultural reasons, or lack of benchmarks. These strategies can also include affiliations or mergers with international groups.

It is our conviction that cross border transactions add value not only to large groups, but also to smaller companies. We have undertaken such transactions with counterparties in over 20 countries worldwide and our ability to complete them is based on the team’s large experience and broad network.


The team’s industrial and/or entrepreneurial past and the experience built in common over several years, enables us to fully understand the cultural, managerial and emotional aspects of a transaction. We get involved in assignments with a mind-set that enables us to bring our clients a tailored solution. Our team is multicultural and multidisciplinary, and has spent over 50% of their professional careers outside France.

We are not pure financiers from the banking world, who only work with and through spread sheets… we do not operate with off the shelf procedures executed by interns. We don’t think according to any one set of national preconceptions.

Recent transactions


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COSYNDE dans l'acquisition de SERN BALL VALVES

LA BAUME FINANCE accompagne STORE-DISCOUNT dans sa transmission à HUNTER DOUGLAS N.V 


accompagne la cession de MEDIFUTUR au groupe ALMAVIVA

29 NOVEMBER 2019

20 NOVEMBER 2019


15 JUNE 2019

23 MAY, 2019

26 SEPTEMBER, 2018

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