As an entrepreneur, Michel shares the same passion for entrepreneurship and ensuring the sustainability of business, as his partners at La Baume Finance. This Partnership has led to the development of an innovative approach to provide strategies for shareholders that preserve their interests, while securing the future of the company. His career has led him to create, buy, sell and turn around several industrial and service companies both in France and abroad, where his professional experience extends over 25 countries. He has managed both SMEs and Multinationals as a member of the Executive Committee. Michel created FINANCIAL EQUATOR in 2005, which is one of the founding members of La Baume Finance. HEC, Doctor of Political Sciences, INSEAD AMP, DECS Public Accounting and Master of Business Law. Quadrilingual, Michel is also Legal Expert to the Court of Appeal of Paris since 1995 and former Foreign Trade Advisor of France. Former Member of the Management Progress Association, he was also president of APIA (association of independent professional directors) at a national level and was auditor of the HEDN.